Testimonial #5

"Working with Amy has created so much space for change and growth in my life. She works with you on being able to recognize how fear and shame keep you stuck and unable to move forward and achieve the things you want and need. She utilizes both Eastern and Western philosophies to help guide you on a journey that ultimately helps you carve out an authentic wholehearted way of living and being. Whether you are working on trauma or life challenges, Amy will take you to where you need to go and support you through that process." 

- Sehba

Testimonial #4

"Amy was such an essential part of my process in becoming healthier and I want to thank her for that. She has always been a shining light, a source of gentleness and love. I loved sharing the part of my path with her that I did. I am filled with such gratitude over our time."

- Kamrin

Testimonial #3

"Amy is an incredible supervisor, teacher, and therapist. What I admire most about her is that she is authentic and real in each of her roles. She genuinely cares about her clients, supervisees, and students. Amy was my supervisor and I can’t express in words my gratitude for her. She was constantly in my corner and I always felt her rooting for me to succeed. There were many times when Amy went out of her way and far beyond her job description to help me get my needs met. I know she spent many hours on my behalf that went unseen, which speaks to her character. Amy is motivated by humanity and concern for others. I am humbled by her generosity and the compassion that she has shown me and taught me to show myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better supervisor because I believe that Amy is truly the best." 

- Stacy

Testimonial #2

"I met Dr. Amy Crawford at the lowest point in my life; PTSD was not under control, Conversion Disorder, Major Depression, and zero will to live.  Amy started her treatment plan with me, ensuring I understood every step of the process.  She refused to allow me to not do the work needed to get better. She does great one on one and group therapy.  Amy isn't afraid to call someone out when they need it while showing immense compassion. Amy saved my life, I will be forever grateful."

- Dave, a former client

Testimonial #1

"Our lives resemble a play. Sometimes a comedy, often a tragedy. Amy taught me the value of authenticity in playing my role. We argued for weeks concerning my tendency to black and white thinking. In the end I admitted she was right. Because she was. After a significant breakthrough she later asked if I had taken time to be grateful for and honor my insight. At the time I didn't really understand what she meant. But I do now. Because she taught me. Amy has been my Jungian mentor, my spiritual guide, and most importantly my caring friend. I am a better person for knowing her."

- John, a grateful former client

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