Personal Information

Amy Crawford may collect personally identifiable information such as name, postal address, telephone number, and e-mail address, through an online contact form. This personal information is collected and used by Amy Crawford for the purpose of facilitating a relationship or a business transaction. Amy Crawford does not sell any personal information for any reason whatsoever. All personal information gathered is used for establishing and maintaining customer relationships with Amy Crawford.

Online Billing/Invoicing

Amy Crawford may collect credit card information from her clients to be relayed to a 3rd party Credit Card Processor and clearinghouse. This information is transmitted using the highest level of security available and is encrypted. Most billing is done in person however and not collected online.

Secure Transactions & Credit Card Information

Amy Crawford does not retain any credit card or payment information. This includes card account numbers, card code numbers and expiration dates.


Amy Crawford does not sell E-mail addresses. Amy Crawford may generate E-mail for the following types of communication: Notification E-mail to which the individual may subscribe and unsubscribe. Transactional E-mail, which is the result of a business transaction initiated with Amy Crawford.