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My signature system has three keys that allow you to step into the complete experience of your life...deeply Aware, truly Awake and fully Alive.

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Are you sleepwalking through your life and lying in bed at night thinking:

  • I wish I wasn’t so flat or unhappy.
  • Nothing is exciting and I have no joy.
  • I feel numb, powerless and stuck.
  • I’m disconnected from myself and those I care about.
  • Things just feel grey and overwhelming.
  • I’m exhausted.
  • I have such a short fuse, feel impatient and am quick to anger.
  • I’m not present in the important moments and always “somewhere else” emotionally.
  • I have no motivation or passion.
  • What’s the point?

It’s normal to be suffering from these maladies. None of us were taught skills to be completely in touch with our feelings or Soul and because of this we live our life on autopilot and in gray.

My clients really long for:

  • Love and compassion for self and others
  • Connection
  • A wholehearted life full of joy
  • More play and laughter
  • Calm and presence in life’s important moments
  • Authenticity
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Sense of control over themselves and their scary feelings
  • Living in rich, bright, vivid, color in spite of the inevitability of suffering

When taught how to unearth the valuable keys to your one and only sacred life…my clients get these life changing benefits!

So, what does it mean to hold the deeply Aware, truly Awake, fully Alive keys?



  • Embraces the first difficult practice of noticing and creating awareness around feelings as well as being hooked
  • Begin understanding how to identify feelings while seeing and accessing emotions clearly
  • Creates a working, living vocabulary for feelings and their experiences
  • Begin understanding the origin, activating events, catalysts and triggers to your suffering



  • Embraces the second difficult practice of choosing a fresh alternative when hooked
  • Begin doing something different and challenging old habits
  • Start taking a pause and finding calm
  • Learning the courage to be vulnerable while gaining comfort in sitting with raw feelings in spite of the fear and discomfort they can cause



  • Embraces the third difficult practice of making this a lifestyle and practicing fresh alternatives, daily and sometimes hundreds of times daily
  • Having a healthy relationship with all feelings including the scary ones with the confidence to embrace and engage with them all  
  • Stepping completely into life wholeheartedly
  • Fully Alive is the outcome of being deeply aware and truly awake and acts as the maintenance step to be able to feel fully and live fully with Soul

What are some of the tools used to unearth the keys?

The interventions that are utilized on the paths are all Soul-centered and come from the lineages of Depth Psychology and Eastern Philosophy with a strong foundation in shame resiliency. Some of the tools included are: mindfulness and meditation, living myth/mythology, authentic movement, writing as a form of healing, rituals, visual journaling and dream tending.

I welcome you to learn more about my specialties and certifications.

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